In SISINFO we have been accompanying clients in their technological development for more than 30 years. With various modalities and levels, we have generated excellent levels of accompaniment, installing complete work teams in several clients with which we work in excellent harmony.

The particularity of each client inspires us to adapt their systems to the current times, with creativity and knowledge of the business, we apply technology for effective client management.

The COVID-19 pandemic challenged us even more and meant that in a very short time we had to respond through robust IT solutions, resized and adapted to the new reality.

The daily challenges are many, but the experience and constant evolution generate satisfaction for us and our clients.

The development of custom software is the solution for when it is not possible to have a standard tool that helps to systematise business operations, but also, if it is built with the best practices, it allows to have a highly reliable, configurable, scalable, upgradeable and reusable solution.

We have a large number of success stories, such as for example:

  • BPS -Social Security Bank
  • ONSC - National Civil Service Office
  • RVE - Registry of State Links
  • MGAP - Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries
  • MI - Ministry of the Interior
  • AGESIC - Agency of Electronic Government and Information and Knowledge Society
Our SEFI  team works within the BPS, together with the Financial Administration, which provides services to ensure social coverage to citizens and has the particularity of acting as a collection and withholding agent of the state.

Our work involves an exclusive and distinctive expertise, supporting this sector in its transformation on a daily basis, both in the evolution of its role in the State and in its technological evolution. In addition to providing GRP solutions, we have developed several specific solutions. Among many others, the Settlement Module (MLO) for the payment of invoices to suppliers from the different areas of BPS, the SNIS Module for the National Integrated Health System, the Treasury Management System and the Decentralised Payments Repository.